Marketing is too Important to be Left to the Marketing Department

If you ask 10 business owners to define marketing, you’ll likely get 10 different answers. Why is marketing so hard to pin down? Because most people who profess to be marketers don’t understand it themselves. They spend their careers locked in a narrow purview and never really see the big picture. 

But now we have a little bit of time to take the blinkers off.


Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of your business.


Marketing is like sex: Everyone thinks they’re good at it.
There are more posers in marketing than other fields, probably because the demand is strong, the supply is weak, and it’s easy to fake. How do you call out a faker? Communicate, find the truth.

Marketing is about understanding people.
It’s about determining what customers want, sometimes before they know it themselves. If you’ve got a knack for that sort of thing, trust your gut, but how do you understand people? Communicate, it is the first step in understanding.

Marketing is too important to leave to the marketing department.
Marketing is the hub of your business wheel. It’s where product development, manufacturing, finance, communications, sales – every function all meet. Marketing’s stakeholders are a critical function in your company. Every member of the leadership team is a part of the marketing department. Communication is key.

This week I just want you to consider marketing as a whole of company department. Have a sit down with all areas of the business and ensure the business as a whole has it’s input and communicated views collated to support your marketing efforts. 


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