You’ve Survived The Pandemic.  Now What?

The last 18 months or so has seen businesses of all shapes and sizes face some of the toughest challenges they’ve ever known.  Yes, we’re talking about the pandemic.


Putting internal issues such as staff shortages and the ‘pingdemic’ to one side, how has the pandemic affected the way that we market our businesses, and does it differ across the various sectors such as retail, hospitality, leisure, commerce etc?


In short …… hell yes!


Regardless of where they’re buying, consumers are more aware than ever before of issues such as values and trust.  Think back to the beginning of the pandemic and how the owner of the Wetherspoons chain, Timothy Martin, treated his staff.  There was a huge public backlash against his “go and work at Tesco” stance and only time will tell if that has an impact on his profits now that his pubs are open again.


Long-established high street behemoths have vanished – who thought we’d see the end of Debenhams and multiple John Lewis stores closing in the age of mass consumerism, but they have both left gaping holes in the retail landscape of Birmingham.


The way to survive and flourish is to be present.  Whether you’re communicating with your customers via the telephone, email, newsletters, social media posts ….. you have to show up.  If you don’t show up, if your customers can’t see you they’ll soon go running straight into the open arms of your competitors.


By tracking what works, and monitoring any ROI from your marketing spend, you’ll soon get to know what channels are bringing customers to your door (or till!).  Once you’ve nailed this golden nugget, you can start to optimise how you operate going forward.


Now more than ever before small businesses are entering a potential golden age. Look around and learn from the businesses that haven’t fared well and take on board the elements that you, as a customer, have experienced.


One thing is certain: the pandemic has changed the way we market our businesses, and how consumers feel, forever.

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Remember – always show up, and never give up!

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